Cheryl Cole reportedly not taking over from Paula Abdul on American Idol

As news emerged that Paula Abdul was set to leave ‘American Idol’ following a disagreement over money (only for Simon Cowell to deny the rumour – showbiz is a fickle old world), it claimed that Cheryl Cole was a possible contender to take her place.

And we’ve been dying to know what Mrs Cole has been up to in LA, as we’ve seen the gorgeous star attending business meetings in a new outfit each day.

But according to a friend of the 26-year-old, Cole has no desire to work in LA permanently because she’d miss hubby Ashley too much.

Phew… Because we’d miss her too much.

It had been suggested that Cole would take over from Abdul because of her experience as a judge on ‘X Factor’ but apparently Cole is just in the US to work on her debut solo album.

A source said:

“It would mean she would have to leave Britain, which she won’t do because it’s her home. She wouldn’t leave Ashley behind.”

They added:

“She’s only over there to work on her new solo album in the studio. She only wants to focus on her music. That’s what she is – a singer.”