Oscar winner Charlize Theron (Monster) reportedly listened to Indian chanting music for “relaxation” during her latest Dior campaign shootout.

Charlize, 34, an actress-director-producer-model, was participating in fast-paced photo-shoot for Dior’s fragrance named J’Adore.

She reportedly depended on relaxing Indian chants to deal with the fast pace of the shooting and remain inspired. She is the face of J’Adore, which is celebrating tenth anniversary, and the campaign is reportedly launching next month.

Charlize, who reportedly practiced yoga for a number of years, was named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2007 and is a United Nations Messenger of Peace.

Renowned fashion house Christian Dior Group, headquartered in Paris, is known for its iconic upscale products. Its J’adore L’Absolu perfume, described as “an invitation to a lush garden blossoming with intensity and emotion”, sells at 92 dollars. Founded in 1946, Bernard Arnault is its chairman while Sidney Toledano is chief executive officer.