Charlie Webster says she “spoke to Death” and was told it’s time to die when in her com

Former Sky and ITV host Charlie Webster, 33, fell critically ill on August 6 following a 3,000-mile charity cycle ride, having arrived in Rio a few days earlier.

The star recalled on This Morning how her Rio dream turned into a nightmare the moment she was told she was dying and that she actually remembers speaking to Death when she was in a coma.

She told Holly Willoughby and Ben Shepherd: “I arrived in Rio and just started feeling really ill, I just started to feel awful inside and I was bleeding from all parts of me.


Charlie Webster revealed her ordeal on This Morning

The picture everyone seen is when I thought I had dehydration. I thought I’d be fine. Then three days later I was told to prepare because they thought I was dying.”

When she initially went to hospital, Charlie was given some antibiotics and turned away, but after feeling worse every second she was finally admitted to hospital and her family were called and told she’s dying.

“Mum flew over and I was lying there really anxious and my lungs started to collapse and I was on oxygen, and they said [mum] needed to sign a form for them to put me in a coma because my organs were shutting down.

Charlie said she spoke to Death during her time in a coma

The presenter said she was bleeding from every where


With the blood poisoning there’s no treatment for it, it was on the fifth day of my coma they found malaria. They thought I wasn’t going to pull through.”

Charlie revealed that even though she was in a coma she could still hear what was going on around her.

“That day was strange because even though I was in a coma I could hear things. I was paralysed. I tried to bash my hands so they could see I was still alive. I was just desperate to show I was still here so I bashed my hand and they had to put restraints on me.

“I was in pain in the coma too, the nurse said to me it’s ok we can pull you through, you’ve got maleria.”
Even in a coma she says she could still hear

Things took a strange turn when one day during her induced coma, Charlie said that she experienced an other worldly experience and says she spoke to God.

“Each day when I was aware I thought I was somewhere else and this day I felt I was in this black room, I was in a dark room and I was having a conversation to death or God or who knows what it was.

“And they’re telling me it’s your time now you’re finished. It said to me it’s time for you to go and I said ok and accepted it, and within a split second I said no I cant yet. I cant I’ve got too much to do, and I feel that I made a decision to stay alive there and then.”


Thankfully, Charlie is on the mend and said: “I’m doing well, my kidneys are still recovering because I had kidney failure. I’m having a bit of PTSD at the moment because I keep having a lot of flashbacks.

“I just really appreciate being here, it was so overwhelming the amount of support I got.”


Charlie with her mum Joy