carrieunderwoodlh101711a-1318915289Fresh off of the release of her debut single “Good Girl” from her fourth album titled Blown Away, Carrie Underwood was selected to cover the April 2012 issue of Self.The 29-year-old country darling looked casual cute on the front page while clad in a colorful Aqua tank with J Brand/Christopher Kane pants and a Frieda&Nellie by Stacy Herzog and Sarah Reid necklace while chatting about everything from her diet and fitness plans to flirting on the red carpet with husband Mike Fisher via text messages..

Highlights from Miss Underwood’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Self!On her fitness plan:
“I’ve been pretty consistent with exercise for the past several years. Growing up, I was semisporty but didn’t really do much. If I’d kept on that path, it wouldn’t have ended well! I’m from the South, where there’s a lot of fried food, and that’s bound to show.”

On her pre-event diet:

“I lay off starches. I’m not a fan of the nocarb thing; you’re going to get yourself in trouble that way. So I have lots of veggies and fruit but no other starches or bread.”

On her food plan:

“I love eating and talking about food. I’ve been a vegetarian for seven years. But after seeing a friend who looked amazing and had recently gone vegan, I thought, What’s holding me back? Now I’m 95 percent vegan. Sometimes you’re at a birthday party and there’s cake and…you know, you can’t resist. My veganism is based on a concern about where my food is coming from. In my perfect world, I’d have webcams wherever food is processed so I’d know how clean it is. I’ll never eat meat again, because I look and feel better without it, but if I could raise my own cows and chickens and produce my own eggs and cheese, it would be awesome! The food would taste better, because the animals would be happy.”

On flirting on the red carpet with husband Mike Fisher via text messages:

“I get texts from Mike when I’m on a red carpet that read ‘You’re so hot!’ I like that. Words of affirmation mean a lot to me. But my husband is also pretty conservative. When I’m wearing some outfits, he’ll say, ‘That dress is a little short, don’t ya think?’ He would never tell me I can’t do or wear something or make me feel bad, but I’m a married lady now, so I try to be respectful of my husband. I want to look sexy for him, and I appreciate that he wants to look nice for me, too.”