Days after Michael Douglas’s son Cameron Douglas was arrested on serious charges of dealing methamphetamine, his girlfriend has been arrested too – for attempting to smuggle him heroin in an electric toothbrush. Man, if Michael Douglas was mad at his son before this latest idiotic move, let’s just say we’re glad we’re not anywhere near the Douglas household.

Cameron Douglas had been holed up under house arrest at the New York home of his stepmother, Catherine Zeta-Jones. The house is being monitored by a private security company. A security guard working for the company overheard a conversation during which Cameron asked his girlfriend for his toothbrush. According to the federal complaint that was filed, Cameron “appeared to be very concerned about when the toothbrush would be delivered.” His concern was even fishier considering he’d been given a toothbrush days earlier.

We wonder if it was the pain of drug withdrawal that kept Cameron from realizing what a transparent plan this was. Perhaps if he’d been thinking just a little clearer, he’d have realized that “I really need my toothbrush” wasn’t exactly the toughest code to crack. Especially since people who are facing potential life in prison sentences tend to have bigger things on their mind than making sure no new cavities develop.

Later in the day, girlfriend Kelly Scott arrived with the promised toothbrush. When guards searched its battery compartment they found approximately “19 glassines containing a brownish substance that appeared to be heroin.” It was later found to be about seven grams of heroin.

Soon after, Scott was arrested at the Gansevoort Hotel where she’d been staying. When her room was searched, more glassines were found with heroin and crystal meth inside of them.

Cameron Douglas and his woman have a long legal road ahead of them.