Cameron Diaz has corrupted teen star ABIGAIL BRESLIN – the Hollywood actress taught the youngster to swear. The 36-year-old teams up with Breslin, 13, in new movie “My Sister’s Keeper” and needed to encourage the youngster to say a string of naughty words for a scene in the movie.

Diaz found it difficult to coax the expletives out of the teenager – because the youngster strongly disapproves of foul language, and even threatened the older actress with a ‘swear tin’. Diaz says, “I taught her how to say the F-word in every way possible. It was for a specific scene, so I told her mum, ‘We just got Abby to curse.’ She said, ‘It’s about time!’ (I am) very well versed in the word and being able to utilise it. We had fun with Abby, but she threatened to fine us for cursing. I never paid her though.”