Comedian Loni Love is all about not sharing the love but definitely sharing her opinion when it comes to Beyonce Knowles. She told Jay-Z the other day that basically his wife would not have a singing career if it wasn’t for auto-tune. Hmm, was that a barbed reference to the video hoax back in April played by Howard Stern? Seems to me it just might be. Should we count the hours before Beyonce’s daddy comes to the rescue and roars “Fee Fi Fo Fum, quit picking on my daughter or I will consider it a “Green Light”!” Loni Love is either showing a touch of jealousy or letting everyone know she’s not really as impressed with Miss Beyonce as some are. Could this be the start of another girl-fight in Celebrity Land? One can only hope. Not. Beyonce, on the other hand, is doing just that, lending a hand in the fight against hunger in America by becoming a spokesperson in a great charity crusade led Hamburger Helper. No matter how the girl-fight turns out, you gotta give it up for the girl who will help with such a great charity. Come on, Loni, show some “Love” to the girl. However, if hamburger meat starts flying around, look out. Girl fight!