Bethenny Frankel’s new PETA has flared up the New Jersey vs. New York Housewives feud again.

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice slammed Bethenny’s new nude ad by saying, “To quote Bethenny: ‘I just threw up a little in my mouth,’” Giudice Twittered Tuesday.

Apparently Bethenny had been bragging that she was already pregnant when she shot this nude ad and that she was pleased with how she looked and that she’s pretty sure they didn’t have to airbrush a thing. Because she is so perfect and awesome.

Jersey Teresa says New York Bethenny is full of it.


“Help me understand this,” she Twittered. “Bethenny is happy with her naked pic because she was ‘already pregnant’ at the time. She says she’s now three months along, but she did the shot in August. Even if she’s four months pregnant now, she would’ve been, like, one hour pregnant in the pic. Someone tell Bethenny that sperm does not make you look fat, and I’m not buying the airbrushing thing in any case.”

Ladies, ladies. Can’t we all just get along. Teresa twitters have her sounding like a bitter, jealous hag that feels threatened by a prettier girl. But on the other hand…Bethenny’s vanity is epic and she’s getting on my nerves too.