Hot on the promotional trail,  Ashley Greene was all smiles at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City for an appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman’” on Monday evening (November 23).

Decked out in a sexy candy apple red pantsuit ensemble, the Alice Cullen cutie greeted fans and posed for pictures as she headed inside to talk about her new movie, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

Throughout the course of her “New Moon” press ops, Miss Greene recently chatted with People magazine – dishing a few secrets about herself.

She tells, “I had a great cheer leading squad, so I got into tumbling. The kinds of moves where they throw you in the air and you do a back flip and they catch you. Looking back, I could have killed myself! We fell a lot. There was one time they didn’t catch me. That was not fun. Another time, I nailed my jaw on someone’s shoulder on the way down. My coach was like, ‘You alright? Get back up.’ ”

The 22-year-old brunette beauty also graduated early from her school so that she could pursue acting with a move to Los Angeles.

“I was in all honors and AP classes, so by the middle of my senior year, I had all my credits. So when the opportunity came to move to L.A. I went,” Ashley says. “Still, my mom was insistent that I come back for the cap and gown ceremony!”