“Twilight” star Ashley Greene is threatening legal action now that nude photographs of her have hit the net. And while maybe she’s legally in the right, we have a hard time feeling sorry for any actress who still feels like maybe she should take naked pictures of herself because maybe they won’t leak. How many times do Vanessa Hudgens’ naked pictures need to leak, before the rest of your ladies realize the same thing is destined to happen to you?

Greene’s attorney released a statement, saying, “The photos in question, which appear to be of our client, are illegal and are being unlawfully displayed. Our client intends to take legal action.” It seems that the lawyer is telling the truth, as gossip sites such as quickly obliged and took the photos down but not before millions of people got to see a very naked Ashley Greene.

The nude photo scandal came a day after Greene was awarded the Fresh Face Female award at the Teen Choice Awards. With this latest scandal, Greene has pretty much ensured that her fresh face is no longer the body part that anyone will be focused on.

It’s been a busy time for starlets who can’t keep their clothes on. Vanessa Hudgens just had an old set of naked photos of herself pop up on the net, Leighton Meester just shot down rumors of a sex tape, and now Greene has a scandal of her very own to be bummed about. We know it’s hard to resist ladies, but having your photograph taken with your clothes on might have to be enough of a rush to feed your actress egos for the time being – unless you want the entire world to see you naked. Which they will. Inevitably. Seriously, it’s obviously going to happen, so stop it.