I’m not sure if anyone ever really bought Angelina Jolie’s bit about keeping her hands off of Brad Pitt before he had separated from Jennifer Aniston.  I didn’t.  And now here’s further proof that Jolie was set on getting the goods during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, where she first met Pitt.

According to a source who was on the set of the film, Jolie certainly didn’t keep her hands, or other body parts, to herself. “In a main love scene, Brad and Angelina would both wear flesh-colored underwear,” the source told “But in the end, she shunned the suit and climbed in bed with him naked! It’s the biggest thing we all remember from that film.”

And before I start getting a bunch of comments asking why I’m only coming down on Angie, I do think Brad had his part in this, too.  And that’s no pun.