angelina-jolie-jesse-james-918-1Angelina Jolie’s perfect facade is crumbling bit by bit. While Brad and Angie are still very much together and seem relatively happy at the moment…recent revelations have proven to us all that all is not hunky-dory in BrangelinaLand. They’ve got some major issues people.

On top of that, it looks like Angie’s “natural beauty” just might not be so natural after all. After a few pictures popped up of Angie’s odd jaw line this week…every tabloid in the world is trying to figure out if the strained skin and muscles are from Botox, surgery or just no body fat from being too thin.

Dr. Elie Levine, who has not treated Jolie, says that it appears she’s “received Botox to her face and likely her neck” because she shows “no wrinkles along the sides of her eyes (the crow’s feet) despite that very large smile… and her forehead is smooth.”

Botox paralyzes muscles, causing one to “recruit other muscles that are not regularly used to twisting the neck and smiling widely” to compensate, he adds.

But Dr. Lyle M. Back believes Jolie has not received any cosmetic surgery. He credits the protrusion to Jolie’s “very thinned out skin — tented and pulled over the edge of the angle of her jaw” as the result of her having less than 10 percent body fat.