ana0003Harrison Ford was completely down-to-earth making Cowboys & Aliens according to one of his co-stars – apart from flying into work!

The Indiana Jones star made a big impression on Ana de la Reguera, who revealed all on the red carpet in LA.

“He’s great, he’s such a nice guy, completely normal,” she insisted.

Before laughing and correcting herself: “Well, completely normal but he arrived in his helicopter, so that wasn’t that normal!”

“But he’s just a nice and very supportive actor,” she added.

The actress, who’s recently played the new love interest of Kenny Powers in TV comedy Eastbound & Down, promised that cinemagoers will love the science fiction western.

“I think it’s going to be huge, it was such a good response to the material we’ve seen,” the Latino star explained.

She went on: “I play Sam Rockwell’s wife, I’m not an alien, I’m a cowboy, and it’s like a little love story that we have. It’s very pretty and I think it’s the part of the movie that is more realistic.”

Anna says working with Iron Man director Jon Favreau has been amazing.

“[Jon] is fantastic, he’s such a great guy, he understands the actors, he understands our fears and insecurities because he’s an actor too. He was very supportive the whole time in the process,” she said.