amanda_bynes_2Amanda Bynes announced over the weekend that she was retiring from the acting industry at 24 years-old. Her reasoning was she was not having fun anymore and she doesn’t do things she doesn’t enjoy. But according to The Daily Beast…it might be more of a ‘the industry doesn’t want her anymore’ thing more than ’she doesn’t want to act anymore’ thing.

Amanda has struggled to make the cross0ver from Nickelodeon child star to adult actor. Despite having a few decent roles in some mediocre movies… What A Girl Wants, Hairspray….world on the street is that her diva like behavior has caused Hollywood to all but shun her for any adult role. No one has yet to utter the words “meltdown” or “drug addiction” but there has got to be something behind her erratic behavior.

She was fired this spring from the Farrelly brothers’ film Hall Pass, according to a person familiar with the project. That seems to have coincided with a break within her that Bynes is now enacting in public. Her Twitter feed has become a place for what seems like compulsive oversharing, not just about retiring, but other random topics as well—for example, her interest in trying magic mushrooms and her sexual attraction to black men. (She has been linked on and off with rapper Kid Cudi, and has tweeted about him obliquely for months.)

Though sources say her CAA agents had a please-get-help talk with her this year, Bynes has so far resisted. And her parents, whom she has supported for years, have not been able to get the actress back on track. Her friends are concerned about her behavior.

Meanwhile, rumors began to surface that Bynes could be “difficult.” In 2007, she was invited to the Turks and Caicos Film Festival, where she was being honored with a rising star award. And things reportedly didn’t go well.

Shortly after the festival was done, a nasty item appeared on the New York Post’s Page Six alleging that for the event, Bynes demanded two first-class plane tickets, two double hotel suites, and then “failed” to show up at any of the scheduled events she’d committed to. “I literally didn’t see her for days after she arrived at the hotel,” an “organizer” told the gossip column. “Everyone was wondering where she was. She was off jet-skiing, treating it like a vacation.”