Last year she u1ccg2uem156nderwent vocal cord surgery, and tonight (February 12) Adele gave her first live performance since going under the knife.The much-loved British songbird treated the packed Staples Center venue and viewers at home to a stirring rendition of “Rolling In The Deep” – after which she received a much-deserved standing ovation.

Though she already won four GRAMMYs with more expected to be on the way, prior to the gig the 23-year-old shared her nervousness over singing at such a huge event.Adele confessed, “I know I’m going to be fine. I’m a bit worried about everyone waiting to hear what my voice is going to be sounding like. That’s what I’m worried about.”

She added, “I’m nervous, but I’m more excited. I can’t wait to get back to work. And it’s, you know, it’s an incredible night. I’m so honored by the nominations and the fact I get to go, the fact that I get to play and stuff like that.”