With much of the tabloid press still holding her responsible for the dissolution of Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon’s seven year marriage, it’s not surprising Abbie Cornish is uncomfortable speaking on the subject. Romantically attached to the 34 year-old actor since 2006 (when the two met on the set of “Stop-Loss”), the 27 year-old Australian actress has remained mostly mum on the subject, despite still being described by the media as “the other woman.”

Evidenced by a recent interview with W Magazine, however, Cornish seems to be getting at least slightly comfortable with the subject of her love-life. Asked about her romance with Phillippe during his very public divorce (a time Witherspoon has since described as humiliating), Cornish replies, “It was a really difficult time for me. It was just this world of tabloid magazines that I’d never been exposed to. In a normal successful career, someone usually learns these things bit by bit. For me, it was like night and day. I woke up one day and there was this whole new thing I had to process and deal with.”

Cornish goes on to confirm in the interview she has (“of course”) spent time with Ryan and Reese’s children, Ava and Deacon, but that she has no plans to marry Phillippe in the near future. On her decision to move to Los Angeles from her native Sydney, Cornish notes, “I guess I was lucky because it was love that brought me here, not work. I think the city feels and looks a little bit different because of that.”